Yahoo! Search blog: Video Search To Go!

Yahoo RSS / Video iPod Demo

On a Yahoo Employee blog recently I found a post from Andy Volk, a Product Manager for Yahoo! Video Search. He has a nice tutorial showing you how to use the Yahoo video search to create an RSS feed and how to subscribe to it in iTunes, and eventually transfer it to your new video iPod. Here is a snippet…

“Since I wanted to fill my new gadget as quickly as possible with video files found with Yahoo! Video Search, I realized that this would be a good time to mention that you can use the Media RSS feed from our Web Services API to easily pull in Yahoo! Video Search results as a video podcast with iTunes 6, and from there you can move them to your iPod. (So you can still use this feature with iTunes 6 even if your Video iPod hasn’t arrived yet).”

Yahoo! Search blog: Video Search To Go!

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