Whirlpool is podcasting

Always interesting to find companies that do it right. I like the idea of letting people find it naturally. I guess they could just be lazy, but none the less, I thought it was interesting.

“The podcasts were produced and moderated by Whirlpool’s director of customer insight, Audrey Reed-Granger, who has a background in broadcasting. And it shows. What’s interesting is the podcasts are focused on family issues and are not centered around Whirlpool products. Moreover, Whirlpool has done no overt promotion of the podcasts, preferring that they be found through word-of-mouth marketing. One charmer: the interview featuring Habitat Families and an interview with the 200,000th recipient of a Habitat For Humanity-built home (Whirlpool supports the non-profit by supplying a refrigerator and range to every Habitat home). “

Read the Whole Story Here

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