What to Expect in 2006

An interesting find today on the OnLamp.com website. They had their 2006 Technology predictions and the ones I found most interesting were their picks for #2 and #1 for the year…here they are:

2. Blogging will become passe (kind of) and the truly elite (733t?) will podcast.
The Fortune 500 will enter the blogging world and, suddenly, it won’t seem so hip or edgy anymore. Sure, blogs will still be around, but the truly outstanding among us will podcast in addition to blog– even if the podcast won’t come out on a regular basis. Podcasting will augment the blog, simply because people can listen to them as they drive. It also adds a more personal touch.

1. 2006 will be the year for Video Blogs.
Sure, Video Blogs already exist, but they will take off like crazy in 2006, due to, in large part, the Video iPod. Sites like YouTube will encourage people to produce and broadcast their own content, as bandwidth costs still make people shy away from hosting large video files. While the production costs (in terms of time and money) are higher than blogging or podcasting, the pay offs are that much bigger. There’s just no substitute for watching something. Plus, Digg’s video show (link coming soon), has very low production values (Kevin Rose and that other guy sitting on a couch drinking beers as they discuss technology), but it’s still entertaining. Independent filmmakers, documentary types, and TV production folks will flock to this medium as their skills can be put to good use to spice up the shows.

What to Expect in 2006 | OnLamp.com

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