Voy Latino Music and Podcasting Site Launched

Voy Latino Music and Podcast Site

While the music side of the Voy site is a streaming Latino radio station, the Podcast section is a bit different. It is the start of a great Latino podcast directory. Currently they seem to have about 19 different podcasts listed, I’m sure this list will grow with time. If you are a Latino Podcaster registration and submission to their site is free. Here is some more info…

Voy, a Latino Media company has just launched a website dedicated to all Latino music. Interestingly the site is entirely in English.

“The majority of Latinos in this country are bilingual or English dominant, and there are millions of non-Latinos who love Latino music.”

The company plans to unveil a website for Spanish and Portuguese speakers in the coming year but it goes to show how music transcends language. I always find it very interesting when I go to Café Tacuba concerts and see myself next to people that don’t know a word of Spanish but are there for the love the music.

>> Story Here
>> Voy Podcasting Site Here

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