Tutorial : How to Make Enhanced Podcasts (from Make Mag)

podcasts.jpgOK, it looks like PT from Make Magazine has beat me to the punch (no surprise there) and created a great tutorial on how to make enhanced versions of your podcast for itunes to take advantage of all the new cool features. Here is what he says:

“Apple’s new iTunes 4.9, iPod color, allows you to view (and listen to) “enhanced podcasts” these are audio files that can have slideshows, URLs and some cool features we have discovered. Apple’s included documents and a Wiki was all I needed to make our MAKE enhanced podcasts, but I also wrote a how-to. Here’s how to get, make and all you need to know about enhanced podcasts! As a bonus, we put together some fun ideas we think many might use…”

Read it All on The Make Magazine Website.

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