Top 10 Podcasts for May 2009 – Tech Podcasts Edition

Featured 10 - May 2009
Top 10 Tech Podcasts - May 2009

It is kind of interesting to watch what podcasts come and go, and what shows become popular over the years. With that in mind, I wanted to start tracking and promoting some of the top shows in specific categories in the Podcast Alley directory. For this first round I give you the Top 10 podcasts for the month of May, 2009 – Technology related podcasts!

Top 10 Technology Podcasts for May 2009 on Podcast Alley:

  1. HDTV and Home Theater Podcast
  2. AV Rant Home Theater Podcast
  3. PodCacher
  4. Exotic Liability
  5. Linux Outlaws
  6. Nikonians Talk Radio
  7. Going Linux
  8. Security Now!
  9. Jesus Geek Podcast
  10. The Mac Geek Gab

Why Do I think This List is Accurate?

I think this list speaks very well to our current economic times… just think about it for a second…. what happens during a recession and during war times? People like to bunker down, save cash and start enjoying time with family and close friends. These shows prove that! The top 2 shows are about home theaters (getting yours setup to spend time with your friends and family AND saving money on movie tickets too) as well as a couple of shows on switching your computers operating system to Linux, the free alternative to Windows and Mac operating systems.

What Do You Think?

What do you think of this list and the explanation? What shows do you think deserved to be in the top 10 this month? Answer in the comments below!

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