Tips About iPodder for Podcast Downloading

The recent release of iTunes 4.9 has caused a lot of podcasts servers to overload. iPodder Lemon fortunately was designed for just this problem.

A symptom of this problem are errors in the log such as “timeout”, “can’t grab”, “DNS lookup failure” and lots of failed downloads.

Steps to survival are simple:

1) Leave iPodder running as much as possible (24/7 is great).

2) Enable the scheduler in iPodder and set it for every two hours.
iPodder -> Tools -> Scheduler
Select “Check at regular intervals” repeat every “2 hours”.

3) Use BitTorrent feeds if available for the podcast.

4) Don’t get impatient. You may see a lot of 0% 0KB entries in your download log. They are just records of unsuccessful attempts to get connected to the podcasts server. e.g. It took 7 tries, 2 hours apart, before iPodder finally managed to download the Daily Source Code for Jun 28, 2005. Several other shows had similar problems.

Thanks Owyn
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