Hits 100,000 Listeners

Many of you out there have probably heard of AMP (or the Association of Music Podcasters). This group formed in the early times of podcasting to unite all podsafe music podcasters. They have done very well for themselves, but now, much like AMP, another Organizatioin has been getting a lot of press, and traffic for their collaborative efforts.

In a press release issued earlier today, the Tech Podcast Group (at have now reached a big milestone with over 100,000 Listeners!

”, the top technical podcast resource worldwide, announced today that the network reached 100,000 Podcast Listeners in April. In addition Tech Podcasts Network recorded over 167,000 podcast downloaded in the same period. This network has grown like wild fire with 16 shows reporting in April, with our membership growing to over 40 shows in may.”

Read more about their growth and vision here and at the Tech Podcast Website.

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