Tech, Music & Woodworking – Featured Podcasts for Manly Men

Men rejoice! Another installment of the Featured 5 from Podcast Alley is upon us, and this one is for the manly man. With shows covering tech, urban music news and woodworking… these are sure hits for the real men out there (and for a few ladies I know, too). Checkout the hand-picked selection below and maybe you will find something new to love.

Photo from User freeparking on Flickr
Photo from User freeparking on Flickr

1. Urban Music News
If you are in to hip hop or rap music, or you are just intrigued by the urban culture, you are going to want to tune into the Urban Music News video podcast. Your host, Greg Nice, dishes out the most up to date news about Hip Hop, Soul and Reggae cultures.

2. Bootcamp, A Report on Computers and Technology
Bootcamp, a 90 second report broadcast on Bloomberg Radio, contains a wide assortment of reviews and interviews. Technology correspondent Fred Fishkin talks about the latest trends, the people behind the products and some of the off-beat things you can find online…like his own TechTales!

3. Too Smart Guys
How to videos and reviews on the latest mods for the PSP, iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3 and Apple TV presented by two regular guys who live in a rural town in the middle of Wyoming USA. The show is vastly user-created taking tutorials and suggestions from the audience and fans.

4. The Wood Whisperer
This video podcast offers a refreshing look at an age-old craft. Marc delivers solid woodworking advice with a sense of humor. The show is funny, unapologetic, and smart. Its woodworking with a twist!!

5. The T4 Show
This is a technology podcast for those seeking cutting-edge data presented in a down-to-earth manner. Get product reviews as well as tips and tricks, new product unboxing and much more!

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