Teachers, Students Get into Podcasting


Every day I wake up and read the latest in podcasting news…and I usually get a smile on my face with all that is happening. But today when I got around to checking the news, I was more excited than usual. Growing up in the time I did, we did not see many computers in school so it is obvious we were not recording our own news shows. A school in Maine (3rd and 4th Graders) are now producing and publishing a podcast about their classrooms and what is going on. Im proud to be part of a technology that is effecting the world so greatly, even down to people so young. Here is a portion of their story…

“A group of third- and fourth-graders at Wells Elementary School is finding a global audience for its work through a high-tech form of publishing known as podcasting. The Room 208 Podcast is a weekly Internet audio program written, produced and performed by students under the direction of teacher Bob Sprankle. There have been five shows so far.”

Read the whole article here.
Get the Podcast here.

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