Some Reporters Still Don't get it

nz_little_logo.gifI stumbled upon an article this morning from The New Zeland Herald. It seems to me, the author doesn’t get it yet. Here are a few quotes from the site:

“The term – an abbreviation of broadcasting and iPod – is just a hip name for downloading audio content…If you have a favourite daily radio news show, in the spirit of podcasting, you can download it overnight, transfer it to your iPod the next morning and listen to it on the way to work, uninterrupted by advertising or buffering problems where the internet feed drops out for one of a hundred reasons.”

Now, Im pretty sure I get podcasting, and from what i understand podcasting is not a hip name for downloading audio content. Podcasting is the delivery method, which also makes his second part a bit wrong. From what I gather, he thinks you have to manually download the mp3s, then manually transfer them to your ipod or portable media device.

Podcasters, listen up. We still have a lot of work to do. There is still a lot of educating to be done and it is not going to happen unless you get out there and do it.

Read the rest Here.

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