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PureCast Hosting Service is No More

Growing signs that podcasting, and podcasts themselves, are becoming increasingly more popular. Hosting sites, such as PureCast Media, are being shut down becauase of the growing cost of file distribution. The worst part is, Im not sure if any of their clients saw this one coming. Here it is, straight from the horses mouth.

"Our Apologies... PureCastMedia.com has been shut down due to incredible bandwidth overages that skyrocketed into thousands of dollars. All subscriptions have been cancelled and will not again re-occur. All of our business databases and email contact capabilities were also disconnected from us (because it was all on that server) when this happened, so we have no way of telling anyone about this except with this page. Again, our apologies... we never intended this to happen. "

PureCast Homepage

PureCast Home Page

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  1. I was one of those podcasters that didn't see this coming. Is there a way to update my RSS feeds on podcast alley so I can get back to normal?

    Thanks for all of the support, gang. This has been one heck of a ride for previous loyal purecast subscribers.


  2. Does anyone know Marc Rose or any of the other PureCast Media folks?

    If necessary, they could point the domain to a hosting facility I run. I don't have the bandwidth to host a ton of mp3 files but I would certainly be willing to host the rss files. At least people wouldn't have to change their podcast clients or re-submit new rss feeds to various podcast directories.


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