PodShow Unleashes, Now with New Features!

All kidding aside, the new PodShow (beta) site launched just recently and there are quite a few interesting tools in this new release. While there are still a few bugs to work out, a lot of new funtionality and unique tools have been integrated into the new site. Here are some of the ones you should check out.
Video Network

  • Upload individual videos (not podcasts necessarily) and share them
  • Watch the best videos from PodShow, Fleapit, Google Video, YouTube and more all from the PodShow site
  • Collect video clips in “My Collections” to save and share

My Collections

  • Previously PodShow allowed you to “get” shows and add them to playlists and to “dig” people and add them to your entourage. They have gone WAY past that now. You can now collect shows, individual episodes, videos, people, bands, entire content channels and more! The “My Collections” feature allows you to setup channels to organize and share all of this new stuff.

Profile Switching

  • With the new launch comes better user/podcaster switching tools. From a drop down menu you can switch from your user profile to any of your podcast profiles to edit your show profile, entourage, add episodes, send messages and more… all from one account.

Music Network

  • PodShow has started to integrate parts of the PodSafe Music into the PodShow site giving listeners and podcasters alike another easy way to find great tunes to listen to and to use in their shows.

Other Notable

  • Increase in the number of Images you can upload from 9 to 30 per profile
  • Unlimited video uploads with nearly unlimited file size
  • More profile editing tools including more built in graphics and modules to choose from
  • Although in prior to launch, another valuable feature to note is the “family friendly” comments allowing you to moderate and block comments before they show up on your profiles.

Im sure there is a lot I am missing, but these alone are very powerful. If you have not done so in a while, checkout www.podshow.com again, create an account, play around and report your experience in the Podcast Alley Forums.

One more note. I have created some video tutorials (around 3 minutes long each) that talk about the new program guide and video network. You can find them at http://howto.podshow.com (large format) or in the new Podcast Alley Tutorials Section (smaller flash version).

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