PodShow and Limelight Networks Launch PodShowPDN

It’s official… PodShow has announced their partnership with Limelight Networks, the world leader in delivering digital media! This is a giant step that gives podcasters the tools they need to take their shows to the next level and getting rid of a lot of the headaches and concerns that surround podcasting now.

PodShow, Inc., the premier brand in podcasting, and Limelight Networks, Inc., the world’s leading digital media delivery network, today announced the launch of the PodShowPDN™ (PodShow Podcast Delivery Network), the first high-performance content delivery network that addresses the specific needs of podcasting. In an era that finds independent podcasters competing directly with mainstream media for audience share, the PodShowPDN provides the tools and services producers must have in order to be on par with mainstream media. For mainstream media companies seeking to create fresh content, expand their reach and find new distribution and marketing opportunities, the PodShowPDN is a perfect solution.

Im sure there will be a lot more news to follow as time passes and podcasters start to have more questions.

>> Full Story Here: The The First High Performance Delivery Network for Podcasting

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