Podcasting Pioneer Scott Sigler Launches Book Publishing House Dark Overlord Media

Dark Overlord Media
Dark Overlord Media

In a press release issued last Wednesday (8/19/2009), early podcaster, and the innovator of the worlds first podcast-only novel, Scott Sigler announced the launch of his book publishing house Dark Overlord Media. The intent of this new publishing house will be to produce books and other properties for established online personalities, which he is proving is possible with the release of his personal book, THE ROOKIE.

Those who know Sigler know that he is the kind of guy that gets shit done, plain and simple. I have had the opportunity to work on projects with Sigler many times over the years and can tell you from first hand experience, this is no overstatement. Sigler has created his own success turning a part time writing gig into a part time podcasting gig, and then turning that into a 3 book series with Crown publishing, which is a full time job. As if that was not enough, Sigler has now set out to help other entertainers with an established online audience succeed much more quickly, and without the headaches and tears, than he did.

According to the press release, “Sigler’s established online audience allowed him to put THE ROOKIE up for pre-sale on April 24, 2009, and immediately sell 1,000 copies. ‘Within three hours, we had capital for layout, design, printing and shipping,’ Sigler said. ‘The pre-sale made the book instantly profitable. That’s turns the traditional publishing model on its head.'”

Dark Overlord Medias first release, THE ROOKIE, is a ridiculously awesome first step towards taking over traditional book publishing… the same way Sigler has taken over podcasting. It’s not just a book, its a hardcover, signed, limited addition book printed with 16 plate, full color design. The book contains 50 pages of never before seen (or heard) content including back stories, player brackets and so much more.

Check out Scott Sigler below as he opens up the first ever hard cover print of THE ROOKIE book with his partner in crime, A Kovacs, teasing his fans with all of the new content. If you are interesting in listening to THE ROOKIE podcast before you get your copy of the book, you can find The Rookie Podcast on Podcast Alley here.

If you think you have what it takes to be the next Scott Sigler for Dark Overlord Media (a.k.a you have a large online presence and have something tangible to sell them, like a book) — you should contact A Kovacs via email (kovacs@scottsigler.net) or phone 858-336-3462.

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