Podcast workshops in SF this weekend, taught by NPR pros : Boing Boing

Want to podcast and going to be in the San Francisco area this weekend (March 11-12) and have a spare $350? Then look no further than the AudioLuxe Podcast Workshop! I just found this on BoingBoing, maybe some one is interested?

AudioLuxe has a couple of spots still open for this weekend’s Podcast workshop held at the studios of KQED in San Francisco. We teach podcasters how to refine their sound, streamline their production process, write for the ear and stuff like that. The workshops are for people at any level, and include boxed lunches from Whole Foods.

This time around our tech trainer is Michael Johnson, a genius at mixing audio. He can also rattle off random details about every microphone, mini-disc recorder or flash recorder on the market, even down to the subtlies of what kind of bladder is in the mic and how that causes some specific interaction with your cable, or why you might be getting a hum from your Maranz 660. I leave the tech stuff to him for the most part. I cover the content stuff. We really want to help budding hosts and producers to apply professional techniques to their cool indie content.

I love that home producers can now compete directly with mainstream media companies for listeners. (Every minute a listener spends consuming independent content is a minute taken away from the conglomerates.)

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