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Podcast Alley & PodShow Feature Podcasts on Nokia Phones

With the release of the Nokia N91 phone came an even more important announcement (at least to the podcasting community). Nokia has also decided to include a podcasting client featuring the PodShow Top 10, Podcast Alley Picks and podcasts from Digital Podcast as well. It is now in beta testing and is claiming to work with more phones (S60 3rd Edition handsets). It is always exciting to see new applications being built and new companies getting into podcasting like this.

Podcast Alley & PodShow on Nokia

A bit from Nokia:

Podcasts can downloaded be downloaded in the background by the application. The default behaviour of the application is for manual downloads (user must select an entry within a podcast listing to download), but the application can also be set to download podcasts automatically at predefined intervals.

Within settings you can also specify the maximum amount of space you want podcast to use on your memory card.

Subscribed podcast are listed in the Podcast section of the application. Clicking on a listed podcast brings up a list of the episodes / shows available for that podcast. From here additional information about the podcast or individual episode can be viewed, downloaded podcasts can be deleted and downloads of individual episodes started.

Podcasts are played back using the default Music Player application. The Music Player application includes control to fast forward and rewind through audio files (click and hold on the previous and next buttons).

See Nokias Info and More Screenshots HERE.

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  1. AND The N93 looks interesting as [email protected]


    Gary Oldman Premieres New Mobile Movie Studio
    Award-winning actor and film-maker, Gary Oldman today unveiled a pioneering new mobile video initiative, the Nokia Nseries Studio, and announced plans to shoot a short film with the new Nokia N93 multimedia computer, also introduced today.

    Advanced mobile video devices like the Nokia N93 offer the unique ability to capture and share spontaneous instants in everyday life.

    To encourage people to shoot and share these moving moments, Nokia has created the Nokia Nseries Studio, a new interactive online community for mobile movies.

    Gary Oldman, the director of BAFTA award-winning Nil By Mouth and star of Bram Stoker's Dracula, Leon and Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban leads an international cast of creative visionaries who are shooting mobile movies for the Nokia Nseries Studio on a Nokia N93.

    They are all tasked with producing short films based on the theme of "open your eyes" - capturing the everyday moments that tell a touching, compelling or provoking story about the world we live in.

    Today and regularly over the next few months, a selection of these mobile movies will be premiered on the Nokia Nseries Studio where they're available for downloading to mobile devices or PCs.

    In the summer, Nokia is planning to open up the site so people can upload and showcase their own mobile short films.


  2. This is great news for ALL podcasters!



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