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Phedippidations Podcast Host Steve Runner at Boston Marathon

The following picture was taken of Steve Runner from the Phedippidations Podcast who recently ran the 110th Boston marathon...while podcasting! You can subscribe to his podcast to listen to different moments from the marathon below.

Steve Runner from Phedippidations

>> Steve Runners Website
>> The Phedippidations Podcast Page

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  1. I am not that computer savy so I hope this is the best way to tell you that I listen to Phedip (what does it mean, anyway) and I love it - I am a wannabe runner - johnny come lately who has walk/jogged a half and am signed up for a whole in Nov with my daughter who I inspired to run it (see how it's contagious - you keep me going and now I've influenced her and she has recruited 3 of her college sorority sisters to run varying lengths with us). You are positive (rare in this world) and interesting and a great mix of joking around, interesting facts on running, interesting trivia and even music. It's the mix that makes it perfect for my ipod while running (walking - someday I'll be able to say "running" without feeling like a fraud. I have to complete this marathon under 7 1/2 hours to get a medal and may not make it but I'm going to finish, Lord willing. I did the half in 3 1/2 hours but am now respecting the distance of a whole. As a walk/jogger, I am out there for hours at a time to cover the miles on my training chart. So, even though I feel humbled by not yet being a runner , I make up for it in being persistent. My mental video of race day completion has me crying the last few miles in the dark but NEVER giving up. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm going to do the world wide half as one of my long runs (ok, I have to add 5 miles at the end). By the way, I am a Christian and I have suspected you were also because of the values that come across in your shows - positive, joyful, good father, balanced, grateful - these are traits I've seen in you. Don't be afraid to honor the true God that is!


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