NewsFire (Macintosh) Does Podcasting!

Big News for Mac users (or at least mac nerds like me who LOVE beautiful applications)… NewsFire has updated their RSS Reader software. Originally they would link to an mp3 and download it into the same news window for listening. But they have gone a step further. They now have an integrated podcast player.

Through the preferences you can set the app to automatically download the podcasts as they come in, and it loads them into its own player. Whats beautiful is the flexibility! It will download the file, add it to iTunes, and add it to its own player, and start playing if you like when it is finished downloading…all in one pretty little package.

If you are a Mac user and are looking for an all in one news reader and podcast reader, look no further. It may be lacking in some of the features of the different podcatchers, but for handling both news and podcasts like it does, it is worth it to me.

Get the app at NewsFire RSS.


It was worth every penny as a news reader, and now its worth much more as a podcatching client. Kudos!

Get the app at NewsFire RSS.

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