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Mashable Publishes Their Complete Guide to Video Blogging? Not Quite.

Video Blog Green Screen

Video Blog Green Screen

In a recent post on Mashable, Leah Betancourt (digital community manager at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis) dove head first into what it takes to be a video blogger. With the low cost of entry and the enumerable places to get free hosting (like Mevio), there is no reason why everyone couldn't produce a video blog if they so chose! I mean seriously, all you really need to do is point the camera in the right direction and hit record!

Ok, so maybe it is a little harder than that. While people are successful at video blogging or podcasting without a plan (essentially just running out and recording things that happen), most people need a plan for compelling content if they really want anyone to pay attention to them. And while there are many free resources out there to help people create, edit, distribute and promote their videos for cheap or free, it can be really hard to find them! Thankfully, Mashable jumped in to create the "Complete Guide to Video Blogging" showing you the following:

  • How to choose good content
  • Examples of software and hardware for creation
  • Where to host your videos
  • ... other tips as well

I don't agree that this is the complete guide to video blogging, but it does at least cover the fundamentals needed to point you in the right direction. What we need here for the n00bs is a listing of free hosting, free software, cheap hardware, editing tips, audio tips, video tips and more! While the forums here at Podcast Alley cover a lot of these topics, we have never created a field guide for it... hmmmmm.

Stay tuned.

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