Kiptronic lets you Swap Podcast Promos

kiptroniclogo.jpgA new service is out there to exchange promos to help get the name of your podcast out. Looks like there may also be an option to get paid to play ads. If anyone out there is using the Kiptronic service and would like to right up a full review for Podcast Alley users, that would be Awesome.

Here is what they say:
“Kiptronic offers a great new way to promote your podcast – the promo exchange. Kiptronic lets you to exchange promos with any other podcaster on our network, on terms you both agree to.
1. Upload a promo clip for your podcast
2. Search our promo exchange and find a fellow podcaster you’d like to swap promos with – make them an offer!
3. If your offer is accepted by the other podcaster, your podcasts will immediately begin playing each other’s promos
4. Either of you can cancel the agreement at any time, and the promos will stop playing immediately”

Find out more by Visiting their site.

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