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Intellicaster, a new application from Intelligent Assistance, has officially been released (for the low, low price of $4,495 for the base application). It is a Mac Only software designed to take professional broadcasts (both audio and video), strip the commercials, add new commercials back into it, and recreate the shows as podcasts for the company to sell. So, to all the broadcasters that are reading this, if you are looking for a way to re-syndicate tired content instead of producing fresh new content that will entertain your audience in a new way, give Intelligent Assistance $5 grand and they will help you make it easy to do.

Being fair, the concept behind this software is pretty cool, and most likely worth the price tag if it can actually do what it claims. But I am a true podcast enthusiast and believe in content that is created for a podcast, not re-purposed footage hacked to become a podcast. And while I am glad that broadcasters are supporting podcasting by providing their content in this new podcast form, I hope they can, from time to time, find a reason to create new and original content to deliver in podcast only format.

Intelligent Assistance has released Intellicaster, which it describes as a turnkey automated podcasting system for Mac OS X. Designed for TV and radio broadcasters, Intellicaster publishes podcasts without the need for human intervention. Prices start at $4,495.

Intellicaster combines Mac hardware and software to automatically record programming at specific time intervals, such as evening newscasts, or morning or afternoon programming. Users can delete commercials, and Intellicaster encodes the audio content for podcasting, uploads it, and publishes the programming. It can also substitute cleared commercials into the feed.

Intelligent Assistances has an arrangement with klickTab to link to klickTab’s Really Simple Syndication (RSS) commerce system which provides a paid subscription system — subscribers pay for episodes or shows much like they do with the iTunes Music Store.

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