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When I think of how quickly podcasting has spread across the country I get a bit teary eyed. While here in San Francisco I saw 3 advertisements on TV for podcasts and podcasting on ONE DAY! While I was a bit surprised I knew it would happen soon considering that a lot of podcasting noise has been coming/starting from here in the Bay area. However, what surprised me most was a story I read today about my home state of Indiana and one of the bigger attractions (IRT) has started a podcast that sounds very interesting. Thumbs up Indiana!

A company called imagenation reports that, in participation with Indiana Repertory Theatre, it has “created the first episodes of a series of behind-the-scenes videos that can easily be downloaded . . . and loaded onto a video iPod for playing or simply viewed on a computer.”
Yes, podcasting has arrived to “live” theater. IRT officials hope it will be a marketing boon and lead to increased ticket sales; an imagenation news release says the podcasts will provide theater fans with “insider” views they’ve never had access to previously.

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>> Visit imagenation’s Web site

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