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How to Podcast with Skype : Vitamin Features

VitaminEver wonder how to record a podcast and interview another person who may not be sitting right next to you? This is the case for many podcasters, and a lot of people turn to the powerful (and mostly free) application Skype to have conversations with people around the world. However, recording these conversations for inclusion in a podcast can sometimes be a bit tricky. However, thanks to Josh Owens from Vitamin one process is now documented in detail for both PC and Mac. If you are interested in recording a podcast and using Skype to connect with other people, you will want to check out this article.

From the Vitamin Tutorial:

So you want to be a podcast superstar? Well, while this article might not make you a superstar, the aim is to help you record quality audio using Skype. Skype recording can be a tricky, but the benefits far outweigh the time investment it takes to learn. We use it on the Web 2.0 Show podcast to capture our interview audio and it has allowed us to interview some very big names without being in our interviewee’s location. Or running up large phone bills. This article will cover both Mac and Windows based recording techniques, and we will post follow-up articles covering post-production of the audio and how to upload and track your podcast.

>> Read the Entire Tutorial at Vitamin

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  1. Every time I ask people about recording on Skype, they say you can but then can't really tell me how because it's supposedly complicated.
    Why use Skype when you can use a product that has one simple button you click to record?


    I use it for the interviews on my podcast, and it works fabulously! Saves as a .wav file right on your desktop, then just edit and publish. Skype does have the advantage because of the free calling right now, but I'm sold on Gizmo.


  2. Good news! Gizmo project just announced that all VoIP to landline calls in 60 courtries are now free, forever! http://www.gizmoproject.com/learnmore-allcallsfree.html


  3. read the fine print. free calls forever.. IF you meet their criteria. :


  4. We just released a new tool for podcasting over Skype.


    Supports wav file encoding and two channel recording for easier editing. We also provide services such as online storage, sharing, search and transcription.

    Pls. do have a look. Thanks in advance.


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