How To Brainstorm Episode Topics Using Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This post is part of Podcast Alley’s ongoing podcaster resources section. This is the first in a multi-post series on producing great quality podcasts with a guest post from VP of Production, Nik Mac.

Google AdWords
Google AdWords

Ever wonder why your show, whether it’s audio or video, doesn’t have the same punch as shows that have massive followings? Of course you have, but I bet you always lay in your bed crying yourself to sleep dreaming about all the expensive equipment and professional help they have. QUIT CRYING! I’ll help you solve the problem.

Over the next few months I am going to help teach you how to use your Kmart microphone and your grandma’s video recorder to make you look like the bad-ass your are — and achieve the fame, adoration from throngs of fans, and glowing praise of critics you know you deserve.

Before we get into the actual production of your show let’s find out if anyone even cares about what you have to say! And how do you find that out? One quick and easy way to brainstorm is Google Adwords: Keyword Tool.

While this may seem daunting, it really is quite simple. Type what you think you want your show to be about and Google will tell you how often that word is searched for. Even better than that, it searches for synonyms of the text you entered and common misspellings. The key to getting ranked is not trying to compete with the highest ranking results, but to find a niche right in the middle. In other words, if the little green bar is all the way full, your chances of being anywhere near the top of Google’s search is next to impossible.

In the coming weeks, I’ll show you how to think differently and rank your show, but for now get on the Keyword Tool and start finding out what your potential audience is actually searching for.

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