Featured 5 Podcasts for the Week of October 12th

Another great collection for you this week featuring shows about music, pediatric health, living naturally and much, much more. These are the featured 5 for the week of October 12, 2009!

1. Pediatrics for Parents
Learn the latest on childrens health and hear interviews with childrens health experts.

2. TechVi Show
Your source for timely, accurate, informative and entertaining interviews, TechVi talks to technology newsmakers and reporters to get to the bottom of today’s headlines.

3. Burrito Electrico TV
This is the weekly companion to the Burrito Electrico Audio Show where each week your host THE SnyderMan will bring you NEW and Classic Videos from several Genres of the Music World. Including Punk, Rock N Roll, Ska, HardCore, Street punk, Oi!, Power Pop, Horror punk, PsychoBilly and every thing in between.

4. 2Soon Radio
We believe no topic, person, crime, catastrophe or tragedy is above being mocked. As The Joker said, “This town needs an enema.” We are that enema.

5. Healthy Inner Beauty
In this show Marianne Bridgeman, Holistic Health Coach and Natural Food Chef, will help people understand what they are truly eating and doing to their bodies. Marianne packs in 15 minutes (or less) the health benefits of different foods plus helps educate people on the actual contents of packaged foods. For some inspiration, she includes a new affirmation each podcast along with a tip of the week.

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