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Featured 5 Podcasts for the Week of November 2nd

Another great collection for you this week featuring great shows from the Mevio Network. These are the featured 5 for the week of November 2, 2009.

1. The C-Realm Podcast
C stands for consciousness. Each week, host KMO interviews knowledgeable folks on topics related to entheogens and the Drug War, the notion of a technological singularity, and small-scale alternative agriculture.

2. The Chronic Rift Podcast
Clinically Proven to Do Nothing

3. The Liverpool Stories Podcast
We cover a wide variety of quality stories in a short documentary style covering music, personal stories, events around the city. New episodes are published 2 - 3 times a month.

4. The Nerd Stalker Podcast
Nerd Stalker covers all things tech with an emphasis on startups, research labs, conferences, meetups, and design houses.

5. Trip on a Deal Podcast
Trip on a Deal is a weekly show featuring unique vacation ideas and hard to beat travel deals across the web. Informative, fun and loaded with bargains, destinations and entertainment ... all in just five minutes a week! Whew!

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