Encoding.com Scores $1.25 Million to Enhance Video Platform


Encoding.com is a pretty cool company for the pro video podcaster. If you are into the whole “do it yourself” thing and don’t want to rely on hosts such as Blubrry, YouTube or Libsyn (to name a few), AND you don’t want to mess with all of the video encoding settings, you may be interested in Encoding.com who just raised some serious cash to enhance their offering.

What Do They Do?

Encoding.com has a cloud-based encoding infrastructure that will convert your video to and from many, many formats. They have tons of features including stuff like: thumbnail generation, watermarking, real time status updates, presets for many output formats like web, iPhone and mobile and a whole lot more. But most sexy, to me, is the ease of integration! They have a cross-platform desktop AIR application, WordPress and Drupal plugins, and an FTP dropbox option as well. Once the file is converted, the can even upload it back to your server, to your CDN or to Amazon cloud hosting. All of this starting at about $19 a month (see their pricing structure). I did a pricing test and you can upload and convert 6 videos a month that are 50mb each and export them back in two formats (say web and iPhone) for $19. Not a bad deal compared to the $99 starting price tag for Brightcove and others.

From Techcrunch, “Encoding.com, a startup that provides online video encoding services, has raised $1.25 million in Series A funding. The funding was led by Metamorphic Ventures and included angel investors Patrick Condon, Fred Hamilton, Zelkova Ventures, Dave Morgan, and Allen Morgan. The funds will be used to further sales, marketing, and partnership programs.”

Who is Encoding.com, from Their Site

Encoding.com is the leading global provider of studio-class video services for websites offering user-generated and premium video, delivering over 4 million encoded videos since 2009. Encoding.com makes transcoding video into all popular formats easy, cost-effective and instantly scalable for global enterprises and SMBs. As the first and only encoding service offering service level agreements, Encoding.com removes the necessity for its customers to make heavy investments in expensive hardware / software solutions and overhead required to manage high-volume video transcoding needs and backs it with a wait-time service level guarantee. In 2008, the start-up was named one of seven finalists for the AWS Start-Up Challenge. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business is based in Denver, Colorado and San Francisco, California.

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