Edit Video on Your Mobile Phone?

Full video editing online at JayCut.com
Full video editing online at JayCut.com

Steven Spielberg has nothing on me…well except years of training and talent.  One thing that you can get away with that he can’t though is editing video on your mobile phone.  You may have heard about this fun online app that can easily edit movies, pics, and music together called JayCut.  It is definitely not a professional editing suite like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, but if you want to easily cut together some videos of you pieced together with a video of a fat guy belly flopping off the high dive that you found on you tube, this is your ticket to stardom.   I wouldn’t expect an Oscar anytime soon, but JayCut can do surprisingly well with simple edits.  Did I mention you can use it on your phone?  All you need is a phone that supports Flash — sorry iphone users 🙁

JayCut is free to get started so go try it!

Why edit video online?

  • No need for downloads or installs – it just works!
  • Instant access via any web browser
  • No specific hardware requirements
  • Access uploaded content anywhere, anytime
  • Works on all computers and browsers
  • Use content on the web in movies, e.g. YouTube videos
  • Collaborative editing, work together with other users from around the world.

Do you use JayCut for your podcast, or for another reason? Let us know the results, leave a comment! We would love to hear how you used JayCut to create your show and grow your podcast audience.

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