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Do You Squidoo?


These days podcasters of the world all are still struggling for the same thing -- audience.  By now everyone has their own special sauce to find people and keep people, but there are some easy ways to tell Google that you need to be noticed.  Of course we all just want to be found and famous, but anyone in the game for more than one episode knows it just isn't that easy.  One easy way to get higher rankings in search engines is to link to and get linked from a well known high ranked site.

What is Squidoo?

One site that is easy and free is Squidoo.com.  Squidoo is a publishing platform and community that lets you create pages (they call them lens's) that are kinda like overview articles or flyers that gather all the information you know about any one topic and snap it in to focus (hence the "lens").  So yes you do still have to write relevant content that someone might want to search for, but that's why you started a podcast in the first place right?  The important things to remember is that Squidoo is well ranked, free, and waiting to link to your podcast.

Do you use squidoo for your podcast, or for another reason? Let us know the results, leave a comment! We would love to hear how you used Squidoo to grow your podcast audience.

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