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College Crunch Gives you 15 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter

College Crunch

College Crunch

You know I LOVE to feature podcasts, and I love it even more when people are passionate enough to create their own lists of categorized shows they love and send them to me! If you remember 2 weeks ago, I featured a list of 31 podcasts for freelancers that was put together by Freelance Switch. Following in the same spirit, here is another great group of podcasts for you...

From College Crunch

"Here are 15 podcasts in particular that will make you a smarter, more well rounded, and better informed person. Enjoy, and let us know what we missed in the comments!".

A few of My Favorites

This really is a great list of shows that help people become more intellectual. I even love how they threw in the Keith and the Girl show to mix up the bag a bit. They can be a really smart show if you don't mind the shock value they try to pile on top. Some of my other favorite shows from their list include Dan Carlins Hardcore History and This American Life.

Read the rest of their blog post and see all 15 of the podcasts that will make you smarter on CollegeCrunch.org.

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