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BusinessWeek Editors Choice: Podcast Alley Best Podcasting Service

Business Week recenly published the results of their "Best of the New Web" survey, including the editors picks. Included were podcasting sites such as Insomnia Radio, IT Conversations and Skepticality as well as podcasting services from PodcastAlley, Odeo, iTunes and AudioBlog. All included should be delighted...I know I am honored.

"In our travels around the Web, we come across countless sites and services. But with only 24 hours in the day, we have to settle on a relative few as places to work, play, and get things done online. These are our picks for the cream of the crop, ranging from the ridiculous (the disturbingly hilarious StuffOnMyCat) to the sublime (the group art blog PostSecret). The list was aided, in no small part, by our readers. Some of the best, such as the tech news site Digg.com and the great group advice site Ask Metafilter, came from sharp-eyed readers and have become some of our new favorites. Others, such as Google and Craigslist, may be obvious but just cant be beat. Either way, check them out and maybe you'll find some new favorites."

BusinessWeek Magazine: Best of the Web Special Report and Survey Results

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