BBC Adds 20 More!

The BBC continues to amaze me. 20 new shows = wow! They must have seen good results from podcasting to start these trials with so many more shows. Here is the list of new shows they announced on their site.

– Today (Radio 4, daily) – 8.10am interview
– In Business (Radio 4, weekly)
– From Our Own Correspondent (Radio 4, weekly/twice weekly)
– In Our Time (Radio 4, weekly)
– Reith Lectures (Radio 4, run of six)
– Sportsweek (Radio Five Live, weekly)
– Rumour Mill – (Radio Five Live, weekly)
– Mark Kermode film review slot (Radio Five Live, weekly)
– Radio 1 speech highlights – to be confirmed
– Go Digital (World Service, weekly)
– Documentary archive (World Service, twice weekly)
– TX documentaries (1Xtra, weekly) – various subjects
– Gaelic Letter (BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal, weekly)

See the whole story here.

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