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Apples iLife '06 Podcast Support Page Leaked?!

According to the MacRumors.com website (and the active link) Apple is planning a release to iLife and Garageband that should make podcasting easier for some. Further rumors are circulating about larger .Mac accounts too. Who else is hearing rumors?

"Here's an example outline of how your show should flow:
1. Show intro monologue (who you are, what you're going to talk about): 30-60 seconds
2. Intro music jingle (repeat for each show so listeners identify the jingle with your show): 30-60 seconds
3. Topic 1: 5 minutes
4. Topic 2: 5 minutes
5. Interlude (music or break): 30 seconds
6. Topic 3: 5 minutes
7. Topic 4: 5 minutes
8. Closing remarks (thank audience for listening, thank guests, talk about the next show briefly): 2 minutes
9. Closing music jingle (suggest same as Intro music jingle): 2 minutes

>> Apple - Support - GarageBand - Recording Your Podcast
>> MacRumors.com Website

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  1. iTunes pulled in a lot of people into Podcasting as well with the famed page http://www.apple.com/support/garageband/podcasts/ offering basic information on how to podcast via Garageband.

    It would be simple for Garageband to be converted into a Podcasting application - will Apple do it? I don't know - based on the support they offer for the Podcast directory I would doubt it. Apple seems to have left Podcasting some... On the other hand - yes, I think it would be a smart move to offer something.

    More and more mac users have looked to PC applications due to the lack of Mac support in podcasting software. This year 2006 I'm aware of several nice applications to make podcasting on Mac easier.

    Who knows...

    Personally - A podcasting application for mac fits in the whole iLife family. Another form for Mac users to express themselves!


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