Apple releases Soundtrack Pro

Apple is introducing what they claim is a revolutionary audio editing program called Soundtrack Pro and it retails for about $299. It may be overkill for podcasters and it may have too many advanced features, but I just thought i would throw it out there for you guys to sink your teeth into. If anyone decides to give it a test, please email me with results at [email protected]

What they say about their software:
“Manipulate audio in a breakthrough nondestructive, sample-accurate waveform editor with Actions. Reorder, suspend, modify and delete any edit, effect or process. Quickly identify, preview and fix common audio problems such as background noise, pops, clicks and hum. Stretch audio without affecting pitch.”

If you have 90 seconds of free time and want to get an idea of what this software can do, Click here to watch their video demo of the software…otherwise see the Software on Apples Website.

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