An iPod Podcasting Microphone the Size of a ThumbTack!

ThumbTacks iPod Microphone
ThumbTacks iPod Microphone

Released in March of 2009, this new product is a podcasters new best friend! If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to lug around all of your podcasting gear, rest easy knowing that all you have to do is carry a microphone that is ONLY THE SIZE OF A THUMB TACK! Available now for iPod Nano 4G and iPod Touch 2G, this micro-microphone should be in your laptop case or pocket at all times.

Key Features:

  • Ultra small Microphone
  • Unique “ThumbTack” design
  • Outstanding quality sound recording
  • Hi quality gold-plated non-corrosive plug
  • Works with third party Apps
  • It is only $12.99 + $3.00 s/h

According to their press release, “ThumbTacks™ excels in comparison to similar products which are larger and bulkier. We spent considerable time testing a multitude of microphones in different acoustic environments to ensure we had the best quality micro-microphone of it category. We’re confident you’ll be amazed by the range and quality of this tiny device.”

You can find out more about this micro-microphone here, or if you just want to go ahead and shell out the $12.99 for this dead simple to use product, you can order your microphone in red, white or black here.

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