A Podcast Alley Flashback

After seeing a request in the PCA forums, I decided to look up Podcast Alley at the way back machine (internet archive) and was surprised by the results. I know at that time, Podcast Alley had only been around for 5 months, but since then we have added over 14,000 podcasts and 72,000 comments to this site! Im so proud of you, podcasting, you are getting so big!

Site Statistics THEN
Total Podcasts: 1,249
Pending Approval: 36
Total Comments: 1,159

Site Statistics NOW
Total Podcasts: 15,491
Pending Approval: 12
Total Comments: 73,026
Total Episodes: 417,733

That is absolutely crazy! See it here:
PodcastAlley.com — Podcast Directory : The place to find Podcasts

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