A New Wave of Video Analytics

Video hosting and distribution through Brightcove and Tubemogul
Video hosting and distribution through Brightcove and Tubemogul

So you have your own popular web site or blog and need a way to get video running on it.  Maybe you have a super popular “all about beef jerky” podcast and you know the way to get it in to the minds of hungry carnivores around the globe  is to have a video on your site displaying your product in all it’s deliciousness.  Welcome Brightcove.com.  Brightcove is a top notch video player that not only offers to play crisp video but give you the option to make money through several different options they offer from pre-roll sponsorships and banners to full page takeovers.  Unlike most players and ads you see on different sites, Brightcove’s player allows you to brand it to match the aesthetics of your site.  Add your logo, change the colors, make it yours! Brightcove also has excellent video anylytics.

What are Video Analytics?

Don’t let those big words scare you.  All it means is that Brightcove is watching who, when, where and for how long  your videos are being watched.  That is some great information if you are trying to find out who your audience is or if you even have an audience at all.

Brightcove just teamed up with TubeMogul.  TubeMogul not only can distribute your video across many of the biggest video sites on the web, but it powers the analytics behind Bright Cove.  These two powerhouses are teaming up to create a monster in the video distribution arena.   Worth your time to check them out.

Did this article help you? Do you use Bright Cove? Did we miss something? Leave us a note in the comments and tell us your deepest darkest secrets.

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