6 Podcasts on Barefoot Running and the Vibram Five Fingers

One of the hottest trending topics recently in the news has been the Vibram FiveFingers. So I thought I would go out and try to find podcasts talking about them, barefoot running and more.. but it was kind of difficult to find!

Vibram Five Fingers
Vibram Five Fingers

People are on both sides of the fence on weather or not barefoot running is good or bad for you, and I am experimenting myself as well. I have just bought a pair of these funny little shoes and have been wearing them for a few weeks. So far, I love them… but how do you learn how to use them properly? How do you train to run long distances in them? Where do you learn how to change your running style to not get injured? If you know of a podcast, blog or webpage that teaches these things, leave it in the comments!

Podcasts Talking About the Vibram Five Fingers

Podcasts About Running & Barefoot Running

Watch the Wired Magazine Description of the Vibram Five Fingers

Also, if you want to read a quick review of a fitness experts pros and cons of the Vibram Five Fingers, check out WithAmyMac.com. Finally, good luck trying to get your hands on a pair of these shoes, they are ONLY available at specialty shoe shops, and even then many sizes are sold out! I had to have mine shipped in from a dealer in a different state, not even the manufacturers website had my size. Maybe you will have better luck, buy your FiveFingers online or find places to buy them from the manufacturer.

Leave your reviews in the comments!

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