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5 Steps to Getting Distribution through Video Aggregators



Podcasters want to share their information with the world and to build their audience. There are a ridiculous number of services out there to help do this, it is hard to figure out where to start. Which site do you upload to? Which will net you the most bang for your buck? You have to worry about comments, plays and people recommending your show to their friends... not to mention revenue! This is no easy task, but there are resources out there for you. Below is one idea.

ReadWriteStart is the new section of the ReadWriteWeb blog that covers startups and entrepreneurs. In a recent post they created a List of Easy Video Aggregation Tools which highlighted services used to curate videos from your different networks across the net. This list of services is designed for your audience members. Your job, as a content creator, is to connect with your audience in the places they visit already. This means that you have to talk to your fans, find out what sites they use... and be there!

The list featured by ReadWriteStart includes companies such as VodPod, and Redux (my favorite) where users can create channels of their favorite videos, watch videos suggested by their friends, comment on the videos and share them with their friends. But how do you get onto these sites? It's easy.

5 Steps to Getting Distribution through Video Aggregators

  1. Create a Video
  2. Upload it to 25+ video sites at once using TubeMogul
  3. Create accounts at the Top Video Aggregator sites like PopScreen, Mevio or Yubby
  4. Add your videos to the new aggregator sites
  5. Connect with your audience through these new aggregator sites!

I know it's not easy to curate your community and your branding across multiple websites. But getting out there to the sites people are already using and are familiar with is what you need to do. Just like in traditional marketing, the more people see your name and your videos, the more they will start to trust and pay attention to you.  Now go... create great content, and distribute it everywhere!

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