ZD Net: Bid on Ad Space, Help Tsunami Relief

ZD Net is trying some interesting stuff with their podcasts. They are actually auctioning off (for charity) on ebay, advertising space in their podcasts. This is a unique and interesting spin, but I love the idea. They are using their name to help not only promote the winning bidder but they are also helping the children effected by the recent tsunamis.

“The winning bidder of this auction will be entitled to the placement of one audio advertisement (akin to a “radio spot”) and one sponshorship “plug” in five episodes of ZDNet’s IT Matters (Information Technology Matters). IT Matters is a series of 30 to 60 minute downloadable audio interviews (known as “podcasts”) about technology trends and issues hosted by ZDNet executive editor David Berlind. This is an offer of exclusive sponshorship. In other words, except for “house” promotions of ZDNet’s own content and services, or those of its parent company CNET Networks, you will be the sole third-party sponsor of each of the five episodes.”

Here is the whole Story and Ebay Auction

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