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The PodShow Un-Expo II - Your Chance to Meet with PodShow!

This coming Friday and Saturday, PodShow will be conducting their 2nd annual Un-Expo in Ontario, California. In addition to meeting with the 50+ producers who stepped up and took the Undition at last year’s expo, the Talent and Marketing team is spending two days holding another Undition for those of you interested in possible PodShow programming consideration. This is a terrific opportunity to get some real exposure on the premier online social media network.

The schedule is understandably busy, so we are asking passionate and interested podcasters to take the time to complete the below form, and email [email protected], so that we can evaluate and set up some time to meet on Friday and/or Saturday. Submitting these details will help us get a little further along before we speak with you on a one-to-one basis about how you want to take your show to the next level.

Here is the Info Needed:

Show Name:
Show Site:
Mailing Address:
Genre / Target Audience:
Feed URL:
Est. Listeners:
Est. Monthly Downloads/Requests:
Show Bio:
Show Frequency:
Number of Shows to date:
Any existing revenue streams:

Step up and Take it!

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