Teen Podcaster Nabs Corporate Sponsor

Big news in the podcasting (more specifically, teen podcasting) world today! Martina Butler of the Emo Girl Talk podcast has landed a corporate sponsorship deal with Natures Cure. Its good to see that more and more big companies are starting to see the true benefits of the niche markets that podcasters have found.

Emo Girl Talk is a podcast hosted by Martina Butler, a fifteen-year-old. While she’s probably not the only teen dabbling in podcasting, she may be the only one to have secured corporate sponsorship. Nature’s Cure, a line of acne treatments, will sponsor Butler’s show in which she talks about emo music and interviews celebrities. This seems to be a way to get directly in touch with younger kids who have latched on to new technology. It will be interesting to see if other companies follow suit and begin to court other young podcasters.”

Found at AdJab

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