Purdue University Audio/Video Podcast Support

Being a graduate of Purdue University, I try to stay in touch a bit with what they have going on. I graduated from the School of Technology and am glad to see the school is still making me proud.

Not to long ago some folks started recording audio of different lectures on Purdues’ campus (over 65 classes) and they are now debating moving on to video as well. Im proud to see the adoption of podcasting as a course delivery mechanism showing up in universities, especially my own. Podcasting has a lot of potential in a university setting (even Apple thinks so) and it will be interesting to see the different companies and communities that develop around them.

In the future Purdue students may be able to watch classes on their iPods in addition to listening to recordings of them.

“We have talked about making it audio and visual,” said Michael Hicks, audio recording technician and BoilerCast operator.

BoilerCast, which was started last semester, is a service that makes digital recordings of class lectures available to students for downloading, streaming or subscribing via special software.

Fifth generation iPods are now able to play video, so students would still be able to carry videos of classes around with them if the service were added to BoilerCast.

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