Podcasting Takes a Bite out of the FM Dial : Bridge Ratings

According to a story posted on FMBQ (Radio Industry News), digital media is taking a bite out of terrestrial radio with content consumers using podcsating, p2p, internet radio and other methods as opposed to tuning in to the FM or AM stations.

Bridge Ratings has released a survey of 4000 radio listeners to see how different types of digital media affect their listening, with the results broken down by their favorite format. Those surveyed were asked if their usage of satellite radio, Internet radio, recorded music in general, P2P file sharing, podcasting and MP3 players was affecting listenership to terrestrial radio. Overall, the competing mediums are taking a bite out of regular radio, with an overall decline in the total amount of listening. Many respondents did say that other mediums cause them to listen to the radio more often, especially podcasting (58 percent), P2P file sharing (51 percent) and MP3 players (42 percent). However, radio is losing out mainly to Internet radio, with 55 percent saying it cause them to listen to less traditional radio.

Read the Whole Article at FMQB

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