Podcasting Supported in Mozilla's Thunderbird 1.5 | CNET News.com

For users of the Mozilla Thunderbird mail application, an announcement was posted today about the inclusion of RSS and podcast support of the new app. Anyone using this program feel free to leave comments and reviews.

“Mozilla released on Thursday its updated e-mail application, Thunderbird 1.5, which is designed to deliver improved security and functionality.

Thunderbird 1.5, which can be downloaded for free, has been retooled to offer improvements in four main areas: updates, security, RSS and podcasting…

Thunderbird 1.5 also aims to bolster its RSS support by letting people receive feed updates as e-mail messages. People can now access podcasts through a dialog box, which is tied to an application such as a Web browser or audio player.

Mozilla’s Thunderbird 1.5 takes flight | CNET News.com

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