Podcasting is Maturing

I just wanted to take a second to leave a quick note for all you readers out there. My views on the progression of podcasting are different from many of yours. Why? Because I see the podcasting world a lot different than you do, of course.

When I think about how the podcasting world is evolving, I think about it from a technical stand point. I sit behind this computer everyday and answer emails and questions and activate peoples podcasts… and I have to admit that I am getting fewer and fewer “how do i make a podcast” questions and more “your site helped me fined everything I needed” emails. Thanks to all of you!

To continue, the submitted podcast feeds are 200% better than they have ever been. I would say 90% of the feeds submitted anymore are technically accurate with all enclosure info properly formatted! Kudos to podcasting software, to the podcast alley forum members and to everyone out there trying to make podcasting better and easier.

Heck, even Paris Hilton figured out how to podcast so it must be getting easier.

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