Podcast Alley Referenced in PC Magazines 2007 Top Web Sites Listing

PC Magazines 2007 Cool Websites List
I almost forgot to blog about this one, but it would have been a major mistake on my behalf! Podcast Alley was referenced in PC Magazines 2007 Top Websites List, published a few weeks ago. It can be found in the Reading & Listening Category. Other companies you will find listed in the list include:  Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, Flickr, Google Docs, Google MapsLast.fm, YouTube and many more… so it is exciting to be listed.

From the Listing: 

“Here is our list of the Top 100 Classic Web Sites in 2007. You’ll see a lot of familiar URLs on this list, and we hope there are also quite a few that you haven’t heard of before. These sites are established and generally best-of-breed in their respective categories.”

>> Find the whole store here: PC Magazine

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