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New Podcast Raps the Top 10 Hollywood News

This message goes out to all of my 30+ year old homies ... I know you like to listen to rap in your car when you think no one else is looking. I also know that while you pretend not to care, you could tell a 16 year old girl more about Lindsey Lohan than she ever cared to know because you just can't get enough of that Hollywood gossip.

With that said, you need to check out the E! Online "Daily 10's Hollywood Rap-Up" podcast. In less than 2 minutes you can get (in audio or video format) the top 10 Hollywood stories (read gossip) rapped to you in intelligent, rhythmic beats.

Here is how they describe their podcasts:

The Daily 10 is E!s new show devoted to the Hollywood stories you need to know about. No tale is too big--or too small--for the series that knows what entertainment junkies care about. And each week, rapper Infinite-1 condenses all of the top stories into an extremely funky recap.

Get the Audio Version Here or the Video Version Here

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  1. Hmmm, I own the URL Poddywood.com (and the derivitives Podlywood and Podywood). Think "E!" would want to buy one?

    I myself have NO INTEREST in Hollywood or people that get paid to pretend they are someone else. But I thought the URLS were cool!


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