New at Podcast Alley : Claim, Validate and Edit Your Podcast

One of the most requested features at Podcast Alley has always been the ability for people to make changes to their feed after they have submitted it. It was planned from the start but had never been implemented until recently. Yeah, sorry about that.

Anyway, you can now claim and edit your feed on the Podcast Alley website. All you need to do is browse to your podcast on Podcast Alley, click on the “claim this podcast” link and follow the on-screen instructions. If you would like detailed information on how to claim and edit your feed, you can read the Claim and Edit Tutorial in the Podcast Alley resource center.

Now, one of the things people ask after claiming their feeds is “I claimed it, how come I can’t edit it?” We allow you to claim your feed in order to validate it, to change your feed URL and for you to get recommendations on how to make your feed better. We no longer require you to type in your show name, description, keywords, genre or any other details… it is now automatically gathered from your RSS feed! A few people think that this is a crippling effect or poor implementation. However, it is indeed a planned feature. For podcasters, your feed is of nearly unlimited value to you. Unless people find your show through your website (not very common), you need to give them the best information possible through your RSS feed. If there are errors in your feed, a poor description, missing contact information, missing album art or dozens of other issues, you are limiting your marketing efforts and potential audience.

When you submit your show to Podcast Alley, we validate your feed, provide recommendations as to how to make it better and then add it to Podcast Alley. If you update your feed, your show’s details on Podcast Alley will be updated automatically. No need for you to come back and make changes!

Give it a shot! Claim and edit your show, check out the recommendations to make your show better, and let me know what you think by commenting to this post or by starting a thread in the Podcast Alley Help Forums.

>> Read the Whole Tutorial Here

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